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23 April 2017 @ 05:33 pm
Greetings and springtime salutations!

Going to be experimenting for a bit with the best formatting to post to both DW and LJ for this comm.
For today, I am going to not use cuts and see how it goes.


Title: Vampauror 3
Author: enchanted_jae
Characters: Harry, Draco, ocs
Summary: Harry is handed a dream assignment.
Link: http://hp-creatures.livejournal.com/282535.html

Title: Vampauror 4
Author: enchanted_jae
Characters: Harry, Draco
Summary: Harry and Malfoy search for a rogue vampire.
Link: http://enchanted-jae.livejournal.com/2399456.html

Title: Sweet Essence
Author: enchanted_jae
Characters: Draco/Harry
Summary: Harry goes looking for Neville and finds a vampire, instead.
Link: http://hp-creatures.livejournal.com/281202.html
Alternative Link: http://enchanted-jae.livejournal.com/2365937.html

Title: So You're A Vampire?
Author: elvirakitties
Characters: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Summary: Harry gets turned into a vampire by accident. He lets Severus in on a few truths and it goes crazy from there. WIP
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5706391/chapters/13145905


Title: BatSnape
Author: alisanne
Pairing/Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter.
Link: http://alisanne.livejournal.com/1736891.html

Title: Rumour and Innuendo
Author: alisanne
Pairing/Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter.
Link: http://alisanne.livejournal.com/1720962.html


The comm can be found on DW at:

That's it for this round!
Bloody kisses,
19 April 2017 @ 07:16 pm
Gliding in to briefly say that the hpvamp comm is up and running over on DW. Swoop on over and join us!

For now, fic and art rec posts will be posted both here and on DW.
Expect one later this week.

Thank you all for your patience as we get everything sorted out. Please feel free to let anyone you know who loves HP and vampires that we are happy to continue to bring you all the good stuff here and on DW.

Bloody kisses,

12 December 2016 @ 04:41 pm

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and from the vaults

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May your 2016 end well.
Bloody kisses, saladbats
01 September 2016 @ 04:38 pm
08 February 2016 @ 08:19 pm
I don't know how the past few months have passed so quickly, but here we are in February of 2016 already!
January was admittedly a bit of a blur with the deaths of the beloved Goblin King David Bowie and the always exquisite Alan Rickman.
If you would like a quick way to get a large dose of Snape-ish vamp goodness to honor Mr. Rickman, here's a fun tag to click:


Now on to the rest of the goodies!

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Bloody kisses!

- saladbats
01 September 2015 @ 03:15 pm
JOIN hp_creatures this year for the HALLOWEEN FEST

01 September 2015 @ 03:13 pm
Giant apologies for taking so long to post some morsels for you to enjoy. The days seemed to fly by!

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2015 Bottom!Draco
Transformations Fest

Origin: bottom_draco
Link: Fest Announcement and Timeline
Type of challenge: themed anonymous prompt fest
Description: The theme for this fest is 'Transformations', which is defined as
1) the act or process of transforming;
2) the state of being transformed; and
3) a change in form, appearance, nature, or character.
All pairings must include Draco Malfoy; Draco must be the bottom in penetrative sex. All slash pairings are welcome.

Ratings restrictions: all ratings allowed
Length restrictions: none posted
Timeline: (tentative)
Prompting opens: June 10, 2015
Claiming opens: June 20
Submissions due: September 1
Posting begins: September 5
Reveals: September 30

bottom!draco randomized banner
10 November 2014 @ 06:13 pm

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And for fun,
the first community post to hpvamp, back from 2004. Bring on the Vampire!Draco!