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No Going Back: The Conversion Fic Exchange

Thanks to the help of all our members, the mods three would like to present:

No Going Back: The Conversion Fic Exchange

Once the blood begins to flow, there's no going back! We're so excited to be digging up another exchange event! Have fun, get creative, and don't send your childe out swimming until at least an hour after they've fed.


1) All gifts must contain at least one conversion (someone becoming a vampire)
2) To get a gift, you must give a gift (either fic or art)
3) You may give either art or fic, but you may only request fic or 'either'. Why? Because last time we had a pile of art requests and not enough artists. This way, if someone chooses either, you can decide if you would like to write or draw for them. (depending on your strengths)
4) Anyone in fandom can enter, but you must be a member in order to read the NC-17 posts. To become a member, visit the hpvamp user info page and follow the directions listed there.
5) fics/Art must be in the Harry Potter universe, but original characters are welcome to cameo.

Hint: If you want to receive an amazing gift, help out your author/Artist by giving them as many options and as much information in your entry form as possible. (don't be skimpy, darling) The more they know about what you want, the easier it will be for them to custom make a gift you are sure to love.

1) Before you enter, please read the entry form carefully.
2) Copy the form, fill out the answers to all the questions
3) E-mail the form to
4) Wait for an e-mail saying that we have received your request

Sign-up deadline Friday March 3rd
Gift deadline May 30th

Entry form:

E-mail address you use most often:
What will you be giving?: (Fic/Art/Either)
What would you like to receive? (Fic or Either)
Requested pairings/characters(put down 3-5 options Gen, het and slash accepted G to NC-17): if you wish to see a particular character converting another put vamp! in front of their name; e.g. vamp!Snape/Harry would indicate Snape is converting Harry.
Characters/pairings you won't write/draw: if the idea of Hagrid with anyone sends you running for the hills tell us here :).
Special requests: If there are any elements you would like in your fic/art then include them here (e.g. leather trousers, sunrise, broken bottle, specific type of conversion...)
Squicks: specify what you won't write here
Willing to be a back-up writer/artist?: yes/no

(**remember not to leave anything blank, and give as much info and options as you can**)

If you have any questions, ask them here before you e-mail your form. Thank you, my darlings.
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