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vampfic gift for dream_mancer from your secret vamp

Title: Death Beat
Author: collwen
For: dream_mancer
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC 17
disclaimer: The characters and world are not owned by me. The situation is. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: A vampire goes into a goth club, and sees his old nemisis on the dance floor, and hungers long denied make themselves known.
Authors notes: This is a guess who is who game. I’ll give you a few lines of space at the bottom to guess who the vamp is- then post if you got it right or not (but don't
give the answer away!). *evil vamp grin*
Original request: Requested Pairings/characters: vamp!Draco/Harry or vamp!Harry/Draco, any Slytherin characters welcome
Special requests: Club/gothic atmosphere, if possible

Death Beat

How many times had he been here? The young man moved on the dance floor with a smoothness that could only come from practice. The arms and body moved almost like a cobra, undulating back and forth until the moment to strike out, spin, and move in impossible ways to draw the attention of the jaded crowd into an awe of the beauty of physical movement.

How appropriate it is that I think of a snake, when it comes to him.

I pause for a moment, letting the music flood my senses. They have a good dj here. The atmosphere is dark and close without being campy and crowded. I must remember to come back.

This song fades into another.

I'm sitting in a dark booth with two friends from my old House when I hear the sinuous slide of a violin begin. The rich instrument heralds the next song and with this song I must join him on the dance floor.

With a little push of power I hit the floor next to him just as the drums and bass begin their rhythmic throb.

The crowd in the club have also joined us on the floor, and I don't blame them because it's a popular song. But I resent the press of bodies as Rogue's soft voice comes through the speakers. Another slight push of power and the two of us have some space to move with each other.

His eyes widen in surprise as he registers my presence, and who I am.

Then they widen more as he takes in my eyes and skin... and what I am.

And I smile in time with the lyrics.

But then his eyes glaze over as the second verse starts. The music and words send him bending backwards to touch the floor with one hand and I grab the other hand to pull him back up and kiss his fingers.

The dance between us begins. He tries to surprise me with his movements, but I can feel the tension in his muscles and the slide of his breath the half second before he moves. So I can match him, and counterpoint his dancing as if we had been doing this for years.

But one move shocks me.

On the last line, he kisses me. Softly and quickly, but his lips touch mine.

Ending the deception, indeed.

The next song is a driving force. It's a song that was taken by the more inventive scions of Light and used as a rally cry for those amongst the undecided. It was an important song, for it helped decide the War.

The creatures of the Dark that had their own code, their own honor, their own minds; they accepted the siren's call and thought to turn on Him that only spoke of glory and gore. For the great Harry Potter quoted the song out loud, while looking at the Dark Lord's face. It was in that moment where Voldemort lost the allegiance of the strongest vampires and werewolves. That moment of shock in the final battle that had given the hero the chance to impale Voldemort.

The Dark Lord had sneered at the Boy who Lived, with Godric Gryffindor's blade in his gut, until he saw the smooth and untouched brow of his opponent. Then Harry Potter had a grave cold grin of his own as he pulled the sword up and through the decaying chest to sever Voldemort's heart.

The crowd on the dance floor begin to scream the chorus and he throws his head back to join them. I watch the pale curve of his neck and lean forward to taste the sweaty skin and pulse. He shudders and the words die in his throat.

He pulls his head forward, silky bangs clinging to the sweat of his brow. He grabs my hand in an impulsive move and pulls me towards the bar. I pull him instead to an alcove. Once in the protected darkness I Apparate us both out of the club.

He shakes his head and tries to focus his brilliant eyes in the stone chamber which serves as my protection from the world of sun and fire.

"Shall I stand here alone?" he asks, giving a nod to the song that still echoes in our ears.

I flicker my hand and the candles in the wall sconces flare to life and I smirk. I know he was referring to the song. Then he notices the bed and smirks himself, and allows it to widen into a genuine grin.

"No coffin?"

"No... the chamber is enough and I like my pleasures unconfined." I walk to the bed and gesture for him to sit. "I don't entertain in here, so there are no chairs right now. Please sit. You must need some rest after all that dancing."

"You've been watching me?" He moves to sit at the end of the bed and has to lean back to stop from sliding off the silk coverlet.

"Yes. You dance well. It was my first time in that particular club, the first time seeing you, but you're among the finest dancers I've seen in this style." I sit next to him and caress his cheek with a finger.

"It is hard believe I'm here, or that you're even alive." His voice is soft.

"So to speak." I grin, this time to show a little fang.

He chuckles. "So to speak. After the final battle you disappeared and no one knew where you were. Even I joined the search. They gave you an Order of Merlin, thinking that you had died for the cause."

"I did. I had to... adjust... to everything. Surely you understand that. If you hadn't had to adjust to a new life yourself you wouldn't have been in the club tonight."

He blushes a little. "That's fairly new. The wizards and witches in the clubs, they don't care who I am or who I was. The Muggles have no clue what happened at all. After it all finished, a club like that is the only place I've felt free enough to do anything. To move. It's like flying without the broom."

He pauses, and I have a moment where I remember the days in Hogwarts, both of us in a Quidditch match, reaching for the Snitch with every particle of our beings as we wove around each other in the air.

With an elegant shrug, he continues. "Honestly, I don't know why I'm saying all of this. Or that I’m saying it to you of all people. We've never been on friendly terms; we were enemies up until the final battle."

I move away and sit back against the huge pillows at the top of the bed. "True. Perhaps it is because you feel that you have more in common with me now than you did before the final battle. Perhaps we've both been released by the expectations of our families and friends, and even ourselves."

He moves, skin liquid silk sheath for his body, and kneels by my feet on the large bed. "Maybe we can actually admit to things we kept secret for years."

With that he leans forward and captures my lips with his own.

For all that he can be sneaky; he can be bold as well.

And perceptive.

Years of Quidditch, childhood brawls, and fighting the forces of Light and Dark has made both our bodies into sculptures of smooth muscles and tight skin. A pale curtain and a dark shower of hair mix as the kiss deepens. From years of being hidden from the weak British sun both bodies are pale, but one more alabaster, the other a pale coral shell.

Our clothes melt off as we kiss. It might have been my power, it might have been his, I'm not sure. I don't think it was deliberate because we both gasped in heated shock as our naked bodies were suddenly touching.

Hot and hard flesh.

By Merlin, he feels like sin, if such a thing exists anymore.

I roll him under me, desires of flesh and blood pounding in my body. Guilty thoughts from years ago flare up. Thoughts that I had tempered through my dreams and explorations of my developing body. More detailed fantasies return to mind that I had touched myself though in the darkness of closed curtains at Hogwarts.

Enemies become lovers.

I slide my mouth down his neck, down his chiseled chest, down the smooth abdomen, and pause just above his cock and grin up into his bright eyes.

Who would have thought that he shaved his pubic hair?

I generate breath and move the air across the bare skin of his balls. His cock, already hard, twitches. I move the stream of air up and tease the standing cock. I dart my tongue out and catch the small drop of pre-cum collecting at the tip.

He tastes like salvation.

I slowly lap at the head and move down his cock with firm wet strokes of my tongue. As soon as he’s whimpering every so faintly I slide my mouth up and over the tip and slowly start to suck on his cock.

Giving head with fangs is an interesting experience. And a very deliberate and careful one.

He wants to move faster, but I easily hold his hips down from bucking uncontrollably and resist the hands in my hair trying to move my head faster.

He groans, his heart pounding in my ears and his muscles begin to tighten. I softly loosen the suction and ease my mouth off his cock. I feel his hands clench in my hair again.

“Please... don’t tease.”

“I’m not.” I kiss him, sliding my hips in between his, causing our cocks to bump against each other. He gasps and grips my shoulders, and pushes me onto my back.

I let him.

He dives for my groin like a starving man, but he doesn’t wrap his lips around my cock. His hot fingers lift up my balls and I feel his tongue caress that little spot between my ass and my balls.

Then his tongue presses a little more solidly and I groan at the zing it sends through my cock. A hand slides along my leg and pushes the foot up. Again, I let him. The hand moves back and switches with the one gently holding my balls, to allow that hand to move my other leg up.

Then his lips and tongue move lower, to my ass.

I relax into the feel of his lips and tongue sliding around my asshole, wetting it and loosening it. He presses a finger against the puckered entrance and slowly sinks it in. He feels too good to resist it. He gently fucks my ass with that finger, sliding his mouth up finally to close around my cock.

He slowly works another finger in as he sucks me down. By the Darkness, he knows what to do with that red mouth of his. His lips press and he sucks just enough to send shivers down my spine, the tongue twisting around the tip on every stroke.

He’s added another finger and I’m not sure when he did.

I smell blood, fresh and potent.

His fingers are suddenly slick I feel more wetness in my ass. He drags his mouth up and suddenly I feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my ass.

Before even I can react to it, he presses his bleeding wrist to my lips.

His blood tastes like darkness and light rolled into one. Tangy and fresh, and sparkling with lust, innocence and sights that no one should have to face, especially a child.

A paradox in red wetness.

The vampiric hunger takes over. I start to lap gently at his wrist, and I shudder at the taste of his blood on my tongue. He’s hot and vibrant, more powerful and satisfying than anyone else I’ve tasted.

He leans forward, steadily impaling me on his cock and I barely feel it, lost in his taste.

He shifts his hips and the angle of his cock changes, and the head runs along my prostate. I shudder as the sensation wars with the headiness of his blood on my lips.

I bite into his wrist, to draw more of that nectar into me.

He sets a steady and driving rhythm, bumping my prostate every couple of strokes. I moan, lost in blood and sex.

I feel a hand cover my cock, stroking in time with his thrusts. I release his wrist and look down and gasp; his cock is too red to be flesh as it sinks in and out. My own cock has a red smear on it as well, and I focus my sense of smell and realize what he used for lube.

His eyes screw shut, and his head slides back. He’s going to cum and I want to be there, so I grab his wrist again. He shudders at my fangs and groans when they puncture his skin again. This time I don’t let go and he starts to fuck me faster.

My orgasm builds with blood and I can feel his rhythm falter as his orgasm starts. The taste of it in his blood is enough to trigger my own. My cum splashes on his chest as he begins to fall towards me in that laziness that only a mind-blowing orgasm can create in a person.

Then I heard his heartbeat falter inside his chest. He collapses against my chest.

I quickly took my mouth from his wrist. His heartbeat gets only weaker.

A healing spell doesn’t help.

How did I take so much? He tasted so good but I held off of taking too much. At least I thought I did.

He’s still in me.

My finger nail transforms into diamond as I reach up and cut the flesh above my heart. My blood, hot from his blood and sex wells up into the cut.

“Drink if you want to live.”

I can’t loose him, please Merlin.

His head moves a little and I feel his tongue lap at the end of the cut. It sends shivers down my spine. He gains a little strength and moves his mouth more fully onto the cut and sucks. I shudder as I feel my power shift into him and find a home. His mind opens to me and I open mine to him.

Images fly past each other, thoughts and emotions. Cupboards and canes. Dungeons and Towers.

He shudders and drags his face up to look at me as the heartbeat weakens.

He closes his eyes and stops.

I feel the power curl in between us, solidifying.

His eyes open.

I raise up my hand to caress that paling skin, and look down into those shining eyes and breathe his name.

[now think, boys and girls… is it Harry or Draco who’s telling this story?]


And my blonde prince looks up at me.


Lyrics to Deception, by The Cruxshadows

She cries, children often do
When they're cold, and hungry too,
Come closer, look deeply in her eyes
So delicate, quite unlike her smile

Life clinging backwards,
In the fall of dread confusion,
Still this silence gnaws upon your fingertips,
cold yielding breath, for instant isolation,
Far more sinister than the price of doubt,

Yet you remain,
Still you remain,

And she says:
Pray for daylight,
Pray for morning,
Pray for an end to our deception... (2x)

Life clinging backwards,
In the fall of dread confusion,
Still this silence gnaws upon your fingertips,
cold yielding breath, for instant isolation,
Far more sinister than the price of doubt,

Yet you remain,
Still you remain,

And she says:
Pray for daylight,
Pray for morning,
Pray for an end to our deception...

Lyrics to Honour, by VnV Nation

Passive fields. January two thousand and twelve.
A nation that stands alone.
Cold voices, faces pale,
Gathered unto their judgement day.
Such words remain unspoken.
Such pride remains unbroken.
Just mothers to stand in vain and cry.
Tears and medals in the rain.
Shall I recall when justice did prevail?
No reason to be found why reason did fail.
The all clear resounding.
The way was clear to rebuild this land.
Shall I call on you to guide me well,
To see our hopes and dreams fulfilled?
On this day of our ascension.

Stand your ground this is what we are fighting for.
For our spirit and laws and ways.
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
For heaven or hell we shall not wait.
Shall I think of honour as lies
Or lament its aged slow demise?
Shall I stand as a cold reminder
On this day in this stone chamber?

The all clear resounding.
The way was clear to rebuild this land.
Shall I call on you to guide me well.
To see our hopes and dreams fulfilled.
On this day of our ascension,
On this day we praise the fallen.

Stand your ground this is what we are fighting for.
For our spirit and laws and ways.
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
For heaven or hell we shall not wait.
Shall I think of honour as lies
Or lament its aged slow demise?
Shall I stand as a cold reminder
On this day in this stone chamber

Tags: all fic, conversion exchange, harry/draco, nc17 fic

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