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Competition - open to all, based on the Conversion Exchange

Well, dear fellow children of the night, that is it; the last entry for the Conversion Exchange has been posted and your mods are running around creating the master list, which will be up in a few days.

However *melodramatic pause* we thought it would be fun to have a little competition before the authors/artists are announced.

Below are all the entries listed next to those who they were written/drawn for and below that are all those who created them for the delight of their giftees and all you lovely undead out there. What you have to do is guess make educated and thoughful choices about who did what :). Those who wrote more than one fic are indicated with the numbers beside their usernames.


1. This is open to all including the authors/artists, because they deserve a foot up since they did lots of hard work :) (the only ones who can't play are we mods because we have the list and that would be cheating ;)).

2. Match up the titles with the creators and either email us your answers to hpvampwriting @ gmail.com or comment here (all comments will be screened).

Example: Control - Irana, Forbidden - volett etc ...
(Note the cunning use of examples that cannot possibly be correct ;)).

3. One entry per person (as in one set of answers - no trying random combinations).

4. The Mods words are final and we reserve the right to exclude anyone who cheats in any way.

[EDIT: 5. CLOSING DATE IS SUNDAY 25th June - Masterlist will be going up Monday]


Yes fellow undead, we offer incentives to come and play. The three people with the most correct answers will each receive a $5 LJ gift token and the bragging rights that they were smarter than the rest of us :).

If more than three people all have the same number correct we will draw the winners from a hat.

Fics/Art <table>
Authors/Artists38gnihsurcangelsotherlovealbydarnedberen_writes x 2 blakmagevampcarvedwoodcollwencorinthian_sindarkladyvampdamned_queendacrodragonnohime x 2 dream_mancereucalyptusgabriel_anubisgypso_childirana x 3 asimplechordislingtonroadkaradinsdkshellyunbroken_halo x 3 ficklestripeywishing_woundsxocoatldreams
One last look in the mirrorforalbydarned
The Stability of Threeforirana
Instruction Equals Seductionforunbroken_halo
Slap Leather for38gnihsurc
The Cureforeucalyptus
End of Daysforkaradin
Vampire Harry (Pic)fordragonnohime
gods of the waysidefordacro
Dead Passion (Pic)forcorinthian_sin
Dead Passion (fic)forcorinthian_sin
We Begin at the Endforemeraldpen
The Secret of Surrenderforkitsune
Under the Moonforwishing_wounds
Death Beatfordream_mancer
Eating While Swimming Isn't Always A Bad Thing (art)forxocoatldreams
Good Day To Be Aliveforfangirlyness
Under a Killing Moonforcarvedwood
A Rose By Any Other Namefordarkladyvamp
Pleasurable Prisonforbewarethesmirk
First Trickforblakmagevamp
An Eternity of Fallingforislingtonroad
Lifestyles of the Rich and Purebloodedforgypso_child
Illusions shatteredforlexy_malfoy
The Dying Art of Lifefordamned_queen
Je Ne Sais Quoiforgabriel_anubis
The Time is Nowforsdkshelly
Tags: conversion exchange

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