Forever flirting with sanity (dacro) wrote in hpvamp,
Forever flirting with sanity

Bring out yer vamp-bunnies! (please read carefully before posting!)

hpvamp proudly presents:
Free Range II: The Return of the Vamp-bunny Challenge!

What is it?
Like a ficathon, but anonymous and grab-bag-like.

We will be using the format below to collect scenarios from you, our members.
Once the master list of all the bunnies has been posted, the undead will be released, and the writers/artists can snag any scenario they desire and begin writing or drawing!

The more bunnies, the better! Tap into those creative juices, my children!

To Submit a bunny, fill out this short form below and reply here in the comments:
Pairing(s):(Use the character's full names to avoid confusion)
Maximum rating: (example: Gen, PG, NC17)
Scenario: (example: Harry walks into a Muggle pub while searching for the horcruxes and discovers vamp!Snape in hiding...)
Cool things: (example: green cloak, dirty glasses, post-epilogue)
Squicks: (example: no extreme bondage, scat or Minerva)

The Rules
1. A member may submit as many scenarios as they like. (Go crazy!)
2. When the list is posted you may chose any bunny to write or draw.
3. Authors/artists may write/create more than one fic/picture, but only after your first claimed bunny has been completed and e-mailed to the mods at hpvampwriting @
4. No word minimum or limit (Drabble to novel - all accepted)
5. All work must involve the HP universe and vampires (as it should be. heh)

E-mail your stories/art to the mods whenever you're finished: (using this format)
Original request/Bunny:

Scenario suggestions open until end of February, list posted 1st week of March.
Challenge finishes May 1st, 08.

Any questions? please comment below., POST SOME BUNNIES! *drools*

ETA: (please read)
* Stories/art will be e-mailed once completed
* All fics/art will be posted anonymously by the mods
* A master list will be posted once the challenge closes, and the artists/authors revealed! yay!
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