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Where the wizards bite back

Vampires in the fangdom? Yes please.

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Harry Potter and Vampires
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Harry Potter fanfiction with vampires.

Welcome to hpvamp This is a community for all readers, writers, artists and those of us who adore the world of Harry Potter, but wish there were more of the un-dead lurking about! We take gen, het or slash all pairings and all ratings; the only restiction on content is that there is a vamp in the fic. The community has moderated membership because it may contain things of an adult nature. To join up please do the following:
1)Click the 'join' link (found at the top of this page)

2)Copy the following disclaimer (structure of which has been borrowed from the_pimp_cane) and fill in the correct bits:

I, (username) , member of hpvamp, am over the age of consent (insert age of consent)[if you do not know go with 18], in my region (insert name of region), and understand that the characters used herein are the property of J. K. Rowling et. al. I understand the content of the community is fanfic/art and that it will contain slash as well as het pairings. I have read the community policies, and shall abide by them.

3)Then post it here.
One of the mods will then approve your membership. Please 'friends lock' all new NC-17 posts Thank you, my darlings.
The HPvamp Archive an off LJ archive for all things HP and vampire.
1) If you would like to post your work, please follow this handy guide, or we shall be forced to bite you, enjoy it, and add you to our ranks! (you'd like that? oh. Well, just post this with your work anyway!) :F

Post subject (to help with memory listing) should be of the form of one of the following -
Fic: Story Title, Rating or
Art: Title of art, Rating

Post body should contain the following:
Rating: (Please 'friends lock' all NC-17 posts)
Challenge: (name or challenge or none)
other notes from the author:

2) please post all fics/art behind lj-cuts. Don't know how? Easy, fly here, little black dove!

3) Please beta your work! (have at least one person proof read for you. There are things even spell check won't catch!) If you have a fic you'd like to post, but don't have a beta, write a post asking for anyone who might like to help you out. We plan to lure many friendly kinky people to this community, and I know several of them often lend out their beta talents. Why do we require this? Well, pale angel, any fic is made just "that" much better, when everything flows. Spelling and grammatical errors tend to bring the flow to a grinding halt.

4) We are open to all pairings, settings, situations, styles, and kinks as long as there is mention of vampires. We're pretty easy that way. Feel free to rec and pimp the vampfics you love, as long as it's ok with the author.

5) As much as we want to suck your blood, we also want to make this a safe place to be creative and original. Everything that is posted in our humble castle is ART. Someone has poured their love and time into every drawing and fic. If you don't like someone's work, you can:
a) say nothing
b) leave feedback that is kind and constructive

6) To hang out with the rest of the undead, you must be over the age of majority depending on where you live. (Just means we don't want to get in trouble if the young ones stumble into our lair. (UK 16 years, the rest of you, 18-21) Please make sure you follow the 'how to join' rules at the top of the page, just so we can make sure we all stay out of jail.

7) If you would like to pimp your new community, RPG, website or gradmother, we would like it if you were a member first, and then please check with one of the mods before posting. (or we'll send out the flying monkeys)

Flaming (saying rude nasty things about someone's work) is not welcome here.
saladbats, beren_writes and dacro will fly over this fortress, daily, to make sure all are safe within. If you need us for anything, please e-mail or tap lightly on our window.
With all this said, again, WELCOME!
Enter at own risk.

"Now, my love, what's that on your neck? Mind if I take a bite closer look?" *licks lips*

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